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Barry and Jen,

It took some doing but with the proper research and the help of several search engines I found the following pictures of the Mary Day crew working very hard to finish the painting and the results of their hard labor… (scroll down)

After viewing the results of their work the crew realized their mistake and tried to correct it.

Okay, so I took a few photoshop liberties.

You guys do a great job, obviously with the schooner but also with the blog keeping the curious among us up to date and engaged. From my perspective it doesn’t seem like you have a business with customers but rather a large network of friends who contribute a little money from time to time for the privilege and joy of sailing with you.

Looking forward to sailing with you in August and again in September,


PS Thanks Ed, for sharing your great sense of humor, and giving us a refreshing perspective. A warning to you all, beware the perils of what you publish on the web!
Ed’s agent, attorneys, representatives of the 3 major networks, and Ed’s stunt double, infuriated over the miscarriage of justice and assault on his civil liberties have set the phone lines jangling. Who said freedom of speech is free?

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  1. We laugh at the prospect of this happening; but wait…………………….

    I had a female room mate my Sophomore year at college, she was on the girls freshman crew team, we, (crew), had our own houses and she couldn’t get into the Sorority house the girls had just purchased. One of her “duties” as a pledge was to paint the name of the sorority over the top of the entrance to the front porch. She got some of her sisters together, they made up some very nice stencils, (after all they are engineers!), purchased a can of black enamel to paint the name onto the bright white wood. The top of the front porch was a deck they used for whatever. So the girls, (who were lying on their stomachs, over the side, upside down), carefully, after much measuring, (after all they are engineers!), taped the stencil down and with one holding the can of black enamel paint, my roomie painted in very large letters the name of the sorority for all the world to see.

    Yep, was upside down; made the school newspaper, the sorority national newspaper, the local area newspaper; and made the closing note for the weekend 6:00 local news!

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