Hoops in Space

Maine windjammer cruises vacations, winter maintenance, mast hoopsGood morning everyone. Its hump day and we have been hard at it this week. Katie, the varnish queen, hasn’t left the loft of the barn in days. Spreading varnish like a mad woman she is. She took the camera up there a few days ago and this is what she saw. It is like a whole new galaxy in space with planets floating everywhere. (OK, that is what I see. Like a Rorschach ink blot, maybe you see something different?) It really is a shame that these go 80 – 100 feet up in the air and no one ever sees the perfection of finish that Katie has applied. Katie tells me she is incredibly happy with the knowledge that her perfection is not always visible to the rest of the universe. Hmmmmm…

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Perfection may not always be visible, but it is felt. Sailing on the Mary Day is a treat because of all the “hidden” perfections lovingly bestowed upon her by her excellent and caring crew. Excellence and perfection will always be apparent; as will shoddy and sloppy work. It is apparent in every inch of the beautiful Mary Day that she is well-tended and loved. That is why we keep coming back, year after year.

  2. Fine article in the Bangor Daily News! Happy Birthday to the Schooner Mary Day and to her Captain, Barry! May you sail on together for many years!!

  3. Thank you Susan! Just think, you own a piece of that boat like all the other guests and crew. She’s yours and we’ll do our best to take care of her until you get to Maine again.

  4. Ahoy, Cap’n Barry. I am not surprised by your crew’s attention to details that passengers may not see. When my wife and I sailed with you, I noticed that the crew did not waste a minute of spare time. If a crew member was not absorbed in another task, he or she was tidying up or polishing the brass work. You set a high standard. And it shows in the details. Fair winds to you and your crew.

  5. Capt. Barry: when does the cover come off? We happen to be in Camden for lunch last spring when you and the crew had first taken it off. You appeared to be having a barbecue lunch aft.

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