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Breaking Patterns

maine windjammer, windjammer cruises, schooner Mary DayGood morning everyone. It is easy to get into routine patterns with any job even when one drives a schooner to work. Not that all patterns are necessarily bad as you can see in this beautiful piece of driftwood. But there is nothing I enjoy more than trying to see each trip as a new adventure…which, by the way, it is. You would think that after 30 years of poking around the coast I would have seen most everything. Not yet! Breaking patterns is not always easy or even intentional but as these few photos may suggest it is well worth the effort.

maine geology, maine windjammer, windjammer cruises, schooner Mary Day

As you can see, even patterns in the rocks sometime experience abrupt changes.

We discovered yet another very cool beach for a lobster picnic at an island I have been to many times. I don’t know why I never saw this beach before.It was like I saw this little hole in the wall cove for the first time. Of course the wind was from a direction I had never experienced at this particular island which makes everything look completely different. I have bushwhacked across

maine windjammer at anchor, maine schooner, schooner Mary Day, schooner cruises, windjammer cruisesthis island on a few occasions and to find a trail through the woods I never knew existed was a huge surprise and quite the bonus. Will wonders never cease!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


Double Eagle

aine windjammer, working vessels in Maine, sardine carrier, windjammer cruisesGood morning everyone. There are some working vessels along the coast that turn heads. Double Eagle is one of them. Loaded down with herring (I presume) and steaming hard to get fresh bait to the lobstermen Capt. Glen has her digging quite the hole with the power and grace that only a sardine carrier can pull off. Look at that wave along her side that stretches almost bow to stern. She is one of my favorites working boats out here.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Teeming with Life

minke whale, whale watching, maine windjammer, windjammer cruises, schooner Mary Day
Good morning everyone. The Maine coast is teeming with life these days. There is something about a beautiful day in mid-July that brings all creatures, great and small, to the surface to feed. There is so much going on that just getting out of Camden is an ordeal. We gave our usual security call before departing our berth. Evidently the captain of the sailing yacht “Prevail” hailing from Buzzards Bay doesn’t feel the need to communicate with the rest of the world maintaining radio incommunicado. While we frantically tried to stop the schooner from running up his quarterdeck he blithely cut in front of us and proceeded to start and stop in the channel oblivious to the VHF radio and a series of 5 rapid blasts of the horn (3X none the less!). Our days end was met with just the opposite, a yacht club rendezvous with 20+ boats from Boothbay hooting and hollering in what is normally one of the quietest anchorages along the Maine coast.

The “intermission” between yesterday’s start and stop was filled with a very different kind of life. I can’t remember the last time I saw as much wildlife feeding as we did yesterday. Terns, puffins, auks, gannets and shearwaters were hovering and diving on small silver fish, herring I assume, where the swirling currents of Isle Au Haut Bay and Jericho Bay meet. By the hundreds, pelagic birds could be seen flying back to nearby Seal I with bits of silver in their beaks to feed hungry fledgling chicks. And as if that were not enough excitement we were all startled by the breath of surfacing minke whale just yards astern of us.schooner Mary Day, common tern with fish, maine coast seabirds, maine windjammer, windjammer cruises

And then this conversation dawned on me. Whale: Goodness it must be July…they are back. Humans gawking and picture taking. Paying no attention to where they are going. Disturbing the fish. Getting in the way of me swimming and feeding. Yeesh. Tern: What. You never seen a bird with a fish in its beak before? Stop scaring the fish will ya! Me: Sorry folks. Your home is beautiful and we are just a little bit curious about your lives. We are in awe of what you might consider your everyday ordinary lives. By the way, what do you do during the winter?

Have a great day. be well. Do good.

Looking Into the Sun

maine windjammer, schooner cruises, sunrise at Isle Au Haut, schooner vacations
Good morning everyone and a very happy 4th of July to you all. We are anchored here in one of my favorite little hidey holes. From where we sit it would appear that the cool damp weather has moved offshore and that we are in for a couple of warm sunny days more typical of this time of year. Sunrise this morning was shrouded in a foggy mist diffusing the light as it peaked over Bowditch Mt in to our anchorage. It is a fitting 4th of July reminder; working boats along the Maine coast bathed in golden sunlight. No different than a tractor in field of wheat waiting for another day’s work. Nothing can take away from the honesty created by wresting a living from land or sea. This “hands to work and hearts to God” approach to life is the single most important piece of America that I hold closest to my heart.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.