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The Aerosol Rebuild


Good morning everyone. Finally, news from the global headquarters. It isn’t so much that we have nothing to write about. It is more a function of having the time to write. I was up very late last night putting the “final” touches on Chadwick’s, our harbor tug, engine. She has received what I fondly call an aerosol rebuild.  The engine was looking pretty darn sad when we hauled it out of the yawl boat a few weeks ago.

maine windjammer maintenance season

I think you will agree that she is looking a whole better better and we have had a chance to really give her a thorough going over. The process involved stripping the block of all its accoutrements, rust busting, priming, painting, polishing and refitting the parts back in place. I simplified systems where I could. For instance, there was a 15 lb. three sheave pulley on the front that has been weighing things down and not serving any useful purpose in our application. I will be pulling the propellor for cleaning and balancing and reinstalling the engine in the next week. She will be in service after the New Years holiday when we move the schooner during the dredging project in Camden.


As the great Altitude Lou McNally says, “and at this hour, that’s the way it looks from here.” Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Camden’s Christmas by the Sea

Camden's Christmas by the Sea, holiday celebration, unique decorations, maine windjammer holiday

Good morning everyone. Christmas by the Sea in Camden is the start of the holiday celebration season in the midcoast. Festivities around town bring folks out in force. Wreathes are hung on each lamp post. Storefronts are beautifully decorated. And the star on Mt Battie can be seen from miles away. Santa arrives by lobster boat. And atop the schooner’s mainmast the crew has placed one gi-normous Christmas tree complete with star on top. unique holiday ornament, Christmas by the Sea in camden, Maine, windjammer schooner Mary Day celebrates the holidayThis year’s tree has a little more of the Charlie Brown feel to it but it is no less a symbol of hope and a natural celebration of the solstice soon to be upon us. When I put the elf hat on I am carried to a place I hold in my heart all the year long. OK, lights may or may not be a little bit of a challenge for me. Never fear, Katie, Jennie and Jim saved me from myself by unplugging the strand when they saw my predicament.

Be well. Do good.

unique holiday ornament, Christmas by the Sea in Camden, schooner holiday tree, maine windjammer Christmas tree