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Vote for Mary Day!

Ok Schooner Fans! It’s time to VOTE! We’ve entered a t-shirt contest and we need YOU to help us win! The new 50th anniversary t-shirts are in and lookin’ good! Thanks to the Mary Day crew for giving us a great photo op, our beloved for taking the photo and for making it all happen. It’s a celebratory year so why not enter a contest? ….So check it out…Click on the following link and help us win! ¬†Best to rate the crew 5 stars…remember they are the ones bringing you back safely after casting off the lines! It’s only a week long contest so don’t dilly dally! Ready about? Hard a lee! And we’re off!¬† (click on the stars to vote….hint, hint #5 is our favorite!)

Leaving Camden Astern

windjammer cruises vacationsGood morning everyone! We are off the dock and we are overjoyed to be out here on the bay. I think this is the first time I have ever left the dock with shorts and sandals and a wool sweater. Silly I know but summer is here and we intend to soak up every last inch of it. The crew is already comparing watch strap tans.

Here a few shots from yesterday. Got reservations??? If the first day is any indicator we are in for a good season.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.maine adventure sailing vacations

maine get-aways vacations

Leaving Camden Astern

Go Big, Go Windjammin’

maine windjammers cruisesGood afternoon everybody. So as you can see I have a new toy, a GoPro camera so get yourselves ready for some new perspectives on windjamming. The 170 degree field of view is fun and certainly gives folks the big picture. The movie mode is awesome. Don’t think you won’t be seeing some cool footage from the bow while we are out sailing. Of course there are quite a few pixels in this tiny little box so it will take some gezhuntering to get it right. It is fun to see the world through the lens of a new camera. As Jim Dugan always preaches on our Nature/Photography Cruises some of the coolest pictures are those that are taken from perspectives from which we do not normally see life. And isn’t that just a great message for the day, eh?

windjammer cruises in MaineEnjoy these. The smiling glasses gal is Morgan, deckhand extraordinaire aboard Mary Day this summer. The figure head would be Brendan who is helping fit-out the Lewis R French. And Amber is hanging cat like on the cat head painting that cute little star. Nice touch!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

maine windjammer

Heartbreak Hill

maine windjammer Mary DayGood morning everyone. The Boston marathon has one famous hill that seems to challenge runners the most, Heartbreak Hill. Odd thing is Heartbreak Hill is only 4/10s of a mile long and only gains about 88 feet in elevation. As pure numbers this famous hill isn’t all that big. The challenge of Heartbreak Hill lies in where it is encountered in the course. By the time runners get to the bottom of the hill they are facing “the wall”. Muscle energy is at a minimum and runners “hit the wall.”
Maine windjammer cruises vacations Mary Day
Fitting out a schooner is not all that different. With 14 days before we board guests we are challenged with the same wall. It is sometime difficult to see the finish line from where we are. It may even feel like an uphill climb. But a “second wind” is a wonderful energizer to see us through to the finish.
cool summer jobs aboard the maine windjammer mary day
Sailing early has its rewards but free time is not one of them. I can “taste” the bay. We will be one of the few sailing vessels out there and the spring wildlife always makes my heart stir. Winter ducks like the pintail (old squaw) ducks are still in the outer harbor. With just a few more days of painting the hull in front of us we will then turn to sprucing up the accommodations. By next weekend cabins will be made, small boats launched, and we will be bending on sail. It will all be a blur but with the amazing people we have working with us I have no doubts that we will be ready on time.
Here are a few shots from our latest haul out at the ship yard.

Have a great day. Be well Do good.

cool summer jobs, a happy crew aboard Mary Day

Jim and Nadie pushing seam cement into the bottom of Mary Day and still smiling!