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Hoops in Space

Maine windjammer cruises vacations, winter maintenance, mast hoopsGood morning everyone. Its hump day and we have been hard at it this week. Katie, the varnish queen, hasn’t left the loft of the barn in days. Spreading varnish like a mad woman she is. She took the camera up there a few days ago and this is what she saw. It is like a whole new galaxy in space with planets floating everywhere. (OK, that is what I see. Like a Rorschach ink blot, maybe you see something different?) It really is a shame that these go 80 – 100 feet up in the air and no one ever sees the perfection of finish that Katie has applied. Katie tells me she is incredibly happy with the knowledge that her perfection is not always visible to the rest of the universe. Hmmmmm…

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Escape to the Islands, Ayuh

Good morning everyone. The hot weather of this past week has finally broken as a weak cold front passed over the state of Maine last night. Thankfully the temperature this morning is a much more comfortable 43 degrees so I can type without breaking a sweat. Every window in the house is wide open. We are still trying to cool off.

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Escape the Heat

So my question to both of the people reading this is, if it is this hot now how are you ever going to cool off this summer? I have the same answer the big cruise ships advertise. Escape to the islands. The islands of Maine that is. When I drove in to the boat yesterday I was hit by a wall of cool air as I crested the hill just a few blocks from the harbor. The temperature must have dropped a good 20 degrees and the relief was palpable, still t-shirt and shorts weather as far as I am concerned. Of course, it is 43 degrees with all the windows open so take that from whence it comes. All the same, I think it is going to be a barn burner this summer so pack your duffle bags and escape to the islands of Maine. But don’t expect the natives to say “Ya mahn”, just “ayuh”.

By the away, how hot did it get this week where you live? I know we set some records here in Maine. How about your town?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Home Made Maple Syrup- Part II

Good morning everyone. Here is the second (and final) installment of “Home Made Maple Syrup” from the global headquarters of Dog Slobber Productions. Here is a link to the first one, Tapping Maples, just in case you missed it or you can’t sleep. We had fun doing this off-the-cuff video about how we make syrup. Look ma, no script! It just goes to prove that even a windjammer captain can be taught to do simple tasks. Thanks to staff cinematographers¬†Jen and Katie. Thanks to the beautiful weather, in particular the cold nights and warm days that make the sap run and give us all the warm feeling of hope that gets us through mud season. Rest assured that no maples were irreparably harmed in the making of these videos.

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Our home made sap boiler.

Disclaimer 1: There other ways to collect and cook down your maple sap. This just happens to be how one highly untrained hack who can’t even perform his own stunts does it while his poor, long suffering wife and kids watch in head-shaking wonder.

Disclaimer B: Please, don’t don’t take his word for it. Go out there and give it a whack yourself and let the world know how you did.

Final Disclaimer: The management, staff and underwriters at the global headquarters of Dog Slobber Productions take no responsibility for the images and opinions expressed here  or how good your maple syrup tastes nor should anything Capt. Barry King says or does be taken seriously. He is not a trained professional and should probably not be allowed to appear in public, let alone this cheap, no budget, home spun production that he insists has some feeble relationship to humor.

Well enjoy this video. Better yet come sailing and enjoy the real thing!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Push away from the desk…

maine windjammer photography cruisesGood morning everyone. We have been pounding away in the office trying to recover from computer upgrades. That was a real big setback in our world but we think we getting the better of it all. During a break in the action I told Jen she ought to get out and take the camera to capture a little bit of the beautiful day we had. Spring was definitely in the air yesterday but as we New Englanders know from experience, spring comes in fleeting, bashful moments when it first arrives. Here are just a few of the cool shots she took. So my message to all you today, push away from the desk and no one will get hurt! Get out and ramble around for just a few moments. Take a camera as an excuse to try to really notice the gently unfolding signs of spring. I think if I have taken anything away from one of our Nature/Photography cruises it is that a camera is a great tool for looking more closely at the natural world that we can so easily walk right by.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.maine windjammer photography cruisesmaine windjammer photography cruises


Maple Tappin’ Time

Maine windjammers tapping maple treesGood morning everyone. Spring is beginning to claw its way into mid-coast Maine and the urge to tap our maples became overwhelming yesterday afternoon. We must have picked the right day because the sap was immediately flowing from the holes we drilled. Last night was quite cool and today’s temperatures are supposed to be in the low 40s; perfect conditions for the sap to flow vigorously. We store the sap in trash cans buried in a snow bank and start to boil when we get 40 gallons. That amount should yield a gallon of the sweetest syrup to greet our taste buds. Pancakes anyone? We can’t wait!

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Peekie boo!