Monthly Archives: November 2010

Camp Puckerbrush

Good morning everyone. I believe I have experienced too much of a good thing. I have been unable to make anything go on the computer this week because I filled the entire thing with photos…too many photos. So after several trips to the local big box store an hours drive away I have been able to finally slide a whole pile of pictures onto several back-up drives and clear the decks to take another 7 years worth of photos. Techno weenie I am not. Thanks once again to Jim Dugan for his wisdom and council.
I am often asked what we do when we want to go on vacation. To be truthful we don‚Äôt really do vacations around here but we do take a few days here and there to get away, mostly at the grace of others willing to invite us ‚Äúup-ta-camp.‚Äù So last weekend we got away to Camp Puckerbrush on South Twin Lake. Here are a few photos of the inspiration I found in the North Woods of Maine. It was a tad bit chilly in the morning but the days warmed up quickly. Sawyer and I went grouse hunting and we all hiked up Ragged Mt. Mt Katahdin was just magnificent as viewed from my canoe at sunrise. And Bean Hole Beans were a delight… more on that in the next blog. Not wanting to be a hypocrit for encouraging all of you to go for a swim in Maine’s bracing ocean temperatures, Sawyer and I took an after dinner dip just to complete that relaxing vacation experience. You can tell how relaxing it was by the expression on Sawyers face.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

A Storm In the Dark

Good morning everyone. Jen and I are listening to the sounds of darkness on this stormy morning. The wind is whistling through the cracks in this old barn we live in. The tree tops provide the constant deep drone to the whistles. Our tin roof is the tympani as heavy rain pelts down. On this particular morning I am glad to be snug here in “Winter Harbor”. The mooring lines in this harbor are, I am sure, holding tight. The GPS indicates that the house hasn’t moved… too much. Visual bearings on the big hemlock in the drive, the oak by the chicken coop, and the southwest corner of the barn confirm that all is well. The watch is never over.
I think this will be an office day as we get ready to send out the fall newsletter. If you have sailed with us recently and you did not get the e-newsletter on Friday we may need an updated email address for you. You can do that by signing in on the subscription form on the lower right hand corner of the home page.Or it may be in the junk folder (no surprise there). Jen is attending a Wilderness First Responder course in Camden this week. She has been studying like crazy to refresh all of that information. It seems to take me a lot more effort to get knowledge in through the cracks and what gets stuffed in one side often forces something else out the other, much like this barn we live in. Jen studies hard because that is who she is. Colby sits nestled between us with her head on Jen’s lap because that is who she is . And I sit here content that there is deer meat in the freezer, firewood in the shed and images from last summer flood my brain with warmth and light to carry me through the long darkness ahead.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Autumn Light

Good morning everyone. The chill of autumn weather has arrived. The trade off for what some of you may consider cold is the low slanting rays of light at sunset that warm my heart enough to try to hold onto with a camera image which in review always seems to fall short. Still the sky takes on a deeper blue this time of year and the air (and water) cool noticeably making us feel alive in a way that balances the heat and humidity of summer.I enjoyed many of the guesses as to last week’s mystery photo taken by Jim. Alton nailed it when he guessed a new skylight over the galley. The opening will be about 40X18 inches and should brighten up the galley and cool things off during by the heat of the cookstove. By the way Ina, Jen started working on splitting your cookstove wood for 2012.

In the office where most of our attention has been focused we are working on the fall newsletter, hopefully going to print this week. Jim has also helped us create an e-newsletter so if anyone wants to sign up visit our web page and sign up in the right hand column. We hope to make this a monthly event featuring recipes and cruise highlights. Please give us your feedback if you receive one. This whole E-thingy is new and strange to us. What next??? Facebook??? I swore I would never do it and here I am even entertaining the thought. Resist the dark side of the force young Jedi!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.