Monthly Archives: January 2010

Happy Birthday Mary Day

Good morning everyone. Another year has passed and this week we celebrate the anniversary of the launching of Mary Day 48 years ago. Who would have thought that the first schooner ever launched as a windjammer would still be here almost 50 years later. She is blessed and so are all the guests who have had a chance to share this experience and keep Mary Day and all of the windjammers here in Maine alive. The days of working commercial sailing vessels paying their own way in the world are no over yet! As much as anything the launching of Mary Day revived the notion that large sailing vessels could still, after a 38 year hiatus, be built here on the Maine coast. Thanks to all of you out there who have sailed or ever dreamed of sailing aboard a Maine windjammer. As you can see from these photos dating back to 1977 not a whole lot has changed although some of you may see something interesting historic detail in each photo.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Blockfest 2010

Goooood morning everyone. Wow! Time has flown by and I have been quite remiss in my blogging duties. Guilty as charged. Let’s go sailing so we can get away from the busy hectic pace of life ashore. I feel like I just sat down to Thanksgiving dinner and I can’t begin to eat what I put on the plate in front of me. When people ask us what we do during the winter I often wonder if they envision us sitting by the fire reading good books and drinking tea while the snow gently falls in the woods. Not so much.

The difficulty with sailing all summer is that I never get a chance to tackle all those projects on my to-do list as well as the community activities we enjoy (by the way I have now added snow mobile trail grooming and 63 Willys Jeep restoration to my resume). I will not attempt to list them all but suffice it to say Jen and I fall in to bed at night and scarcely read two paragraphs before slumber takes over. So much for sitting by the fire and reading good books.

In the barn Katie has been joined by Sara for Blockfest 2010. As part of the annual cycle we are tearing down all the blocks, sanding and painting the cheeks, cleaning and greasing the patent bearings, and even replacing a few bearings that have worn with time. With the right combination of bushings I am able to replace the worn patent bearings completely with a relatively maintenance free oilite bearing. The bottom line is that a little extra work now will alleviate alot of work later.

Well that is it for now. Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Photos by Katie Haugen

It’s All New

Good morning everyone. We wish you a Happy New Year and hope you enjoyed your holiday season in whatever form or fashion you celebrate life and family and friends. With the passing of the winter solstice and the piles and piles of new snow we just received I feel a little more buoyant each day. The new snow makes the whole world brighter. I get aboard the schooner every couple of days and find myself dreaming about projects and the coming sailing season. We have a ton of work to do between now and then. I was down to the boat on Friday and the tides were so high that I launched the skiff from up on the lawn, a good foot above the top of the wall.
Katie arrived back last night and we will start tackling barn projects today. Rob called to let us know that he will be back next summer after a little R&R; in Belize! OK, so I am just a little jealous. Bruce will be out today to help put the finishing touches on the all new chicken coop. I have a pile of logs waiting at the sawmill and I really look forward to getting that back up and running. The next few months are going to be a wonderfully busy time.

Have a great day. Be well, Do good.