Monthly Archives: September 2008

Wait a Minute

Good morning everyone. Autumn has arrived in full force and with it the highly variable weather that makes New England unique. Just a few weeks ago we were cloaked in sweaters and just yesterday we were in t-shirts. Kyle brushed by Maine yesterday. The forecasts and predicted tracks all had tropical storm warnings and even a hurricane watch posted for the Down East coast. One independent forecast service had very dire predictions for extended power outages from down trees. But Kyle had its own plans and swung off to the East at the last moment. We had braced ourselves by hauling small boats up into the park and lashing the sails with extra gaskets. Additional mooring lines were attached. After a bleak early morning forecast the noon-time updates suddenly dropped the tropical storm warnings. The ‚Äúwait a minute‚Äù adage about New England weather certainly came true. In this case 7 hours made an enormous difference. We listen carefully to these forecasts and respond accordingly with due diligence and regard for safety. Even though we are a little disappointed when the forecasts don‚Äôt pan out we know that we have taken every precaution to safeguard the schooner and our guests. We know you have as much invested in this beautiful boat as we do. So thank you for all the emails and phone calls. All is well in Camden… this minute.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

A Fall Harvest

Good Afternoon! It‚Äôs hard to believe that Fall is just a few days away, but the frost on the pumpkin this morning proved it’s timing is just right. Trees are starting to show their fall colors, pumpkins in the fields are bright orange, mums are in full bloom as well as apple trees loaded with ripe fruit just waiting to be picked. Today is the day for us to harvest our plums! This was a great summer for the plum tree and with this harvest comes one of Mary‚Äôs recipes! This recipe can be used for apples as well.

Plum Fruit Torte

¾ cup sugar
¬Ω cup butter
2 eggs
fruit (can be plums or apples)
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp of sugar/cinnamon mixed together
Cream butter and sugar well. Add eggs, mix then add sifted flour, baking powder and salt. Pour in a 9” spring form pan. Cover surface with fruit slices. Sprinkle top with lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon.
Bake @ 350°
Serve with a dollop of whip cream an ENJOY!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Wonderful Maine

Good morning everyone. We just finished the first of our season end 4-day trips. The wind blew everyday. In fact our departure on Monday was delayed by very strong southerly winds that raised quite a swell in the wake of Ike. Although Ike never came to New England the gradient created by such a vigorous low passing northwest of the state created some strong winds just the same. The cold front left in its wake raised gale warnings here in Penobscot Bay so we enjoyed a hike in the Camden Hills and then a spectacular moonlight sail as the full Harvest moon rose above Islesboro. Tuesday and Wednesday were more of the same Maine coast beautiful. Yesterday another cold front crossed the state bringing more brisk northerly winds that thankfully eased up just long enough to get in to the dock.
We visited an island last week during our lobster picnic that has many good memories for me. I remember visiting the island (which shall remain nameless… don‚Äôt you hate when outdoor magazines publish the names of the last 25 unvisited places in America!) during my very first summer crewing up here 26 years ago. Usually we can‚Äôt get the schooner into the tight little anchorage but we found it empty at just the right tide and took advantage of the golden opportunity. The bold granite shoreline makes for easy walking and has one small sandy pocket beach that feels Caribbean-esque. In the middle of the island trail is a door mounted between two spruce trees. Each time I have visited the island I have always been fascinated that the door is still there. Passing through the door the trail leads you deeper into the mysteries of the dark island forest where gnome houses composed of shells and moss delight the senses. Someone recently re-hung the door with fresh 2X4s. Normally I might be offended by the likes of buoy trees and doors nailed to spruce trees but this is so uncommon here, nature generally being left to its own devices, that the appearance of a door in an island trail or the occasional buoy tree gives a certain feeling that people call this place home and decorate it tastefully with an accent or two. A wooden bench or a fairy house is something that nature will reclaim easily enough. I hope nature leaves the door a little while longer, a wonder for Courtney and Sawyer to discover someday.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Wooden Boat Rendezvous

Good morning everyone. Well last week was a great one with the final gathering of the fleet at our annual Wooden Boat Rendezvous. Of course the beautiful weather and windjammers were only a small part of the adventure. Thanks to all who were aboard to celebrate our last six day cruise of the season. As the leaves begin to turn and the sun begins to set earlier each day autumn is making it grand entrance to New England. Enjoy these images from the week.

Windjammers strutting their stuff!

Sunset at Wooden Boat bathed everything in golden light.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Life on the Edge

Good morning everyone. Tropical storm Hanna is on its way though the actual fanfare looks to be way less than earlier news stories would have indicated. The phone has been ringing in the office with folks worried about trips 2 weeks from now. Welcome to life on the edge where uncertainty reigns supreme and you just never know what will come tomorrow let alone next week. As Dad liked to remind us, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift and that is why we call it the present. As for our sailing schedule, well, we haven’t missed a trip… yet.

We have had some of the best sailing this week. I think we have sailed on and off the hook everyday in some really tight situations. The crew has done a fabulous job. Yesterday we had some very thick fog which obscured the lighthouses but which made for some exciting navigation up through the channel from Whitehead Island Light to Owls Head Light. Sara kept the paper plot and Curtis steered the compass courses while Rob kept the foghorn sounding and a very sharp lookout for the few buoys that warned us of the rocks just outside the channel. Careful attention to detail and flexibility to the changing conditions was the hallmark of our success.

So for those of you wondering about tomorrow… welcome to life on the edge. Like the rock pictured here.. hang on tight. It has been hanging on for about 10,000 years!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Windjammer Weekend

Good morning everyone. What a past few days we have had here in the Bay. Windjammer Weekend was this past weekend and the celebration was an absolute success complete with fireworks, talent show, and many folks aboard during our open house events. The Mary Day crew performed a couple of tunes at the talent show. Jen, the kids and I attended an open house aboard the visiting Navy ship anchored just outside the harbor. It was awesome.

Monday morning we left Camden with a spanking northwesterly breeze and sailed 40+ miles by days end. Yesterday we added another 35 miles to the odometer and so far we have seen 10 lighthouses during this cruise. We do not often get to see Heron Neck light in Hurricane Sound but Mondays breeze took us out around the south side of Vinalhaven. Yesterday morning we hiked up to see the light at Hockamock Head while we were anchored in Burnt Coat Harbor. The forecast looks to be filled with more sunny days so we will enjoy them while we can. Autumn is clearly in the air and the sailing is as brisk as the cool breeze.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.